They walked towards the stream he saw on his way to the village. The player was blowing
his flute in the front, and the rats were following him. When the musician came to the stream,
he walked into the water. There was so much water in the stream, but the musician crossed to
the opposite shore. When the mice wanted to follow him, the mouse fell into the stream and

drowned in the water. The player continued to blow his flute until all the rats died. When the
musician saw that all the rats had died, he immediately went back to the village to get a bag of
gold, which was the prize. He was walking confidently, rejoicing at his rat-destroying success.
When he finally reached the village: “I’ll take a bag of gold. With this gold, I go to the city
and set up my business. I will join the rich people and start living comfortably”, he thought.
With these thoughts, the musician, who came to the headman, asked the headman for his
award. The headman was a game changer. He thought, “We got rid of the rats anyway, I
wouldn’t give a bag of gold.” He did not give the player his gold, for various reasons. When
the musician realized that he had been deceived, he said: “Let me play a game for you and
see.” He started playing his flute. All the children who heard the sound of the pipe ran to the


player. The player both blows his flute and started walking. All the children of the village
followed the piper. There are no children left in the village. Mothers and fathers began to
brood over. The villagers went to the headman and said: “What will we do, what will we do.
You should have given a purse of gold to the player’s right. They said, ‘Look, now they took
our children away. Kavalcı was angry, and they came to the forest with the children after him.
While he was resting under a tree in the forest, it occurred to him to go to the headman again
and ask for their gold again. At that time, when he got up in a hurry, he forgot to take his pipe.
A boy who found the magic pipe started playing it for his friends to come to him. The
children, who heard the sound of the pipe, immediately gathered in the forest. They
immediately thought of returning to the village, to their mother’s father. The boy who found
the pipe knew the way to the village. The boy playing the flute went back to the village
behind the others in the front. Their mothers and fathers were very happy. They held

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festivities. They feasted for forty days and forty nights. Of course, at the same time, the
villagers scolded the headman. They told the musician to give his due. The musician, who got
his rights, left the village to realize his dreams. They are the saint, let’s go to read other tales.
Once upon a time there was a little girl. His mother bought him a cloak with a red cap on it.
The girl loved this cloak and wore it wherever she went. That’s why everyone called her Little
Red Riding Hood. “Little Red Riding Hood!” cried the girl’s mother. “Your grandmother is
still sick. Come on, get dressed and bring her that cupcake I made.” Little Red Riding Hood
also put on her dress, put on her red hooded cloak, tied the hood tightly under her chin, and
set off. “Don’t stray off the road in the Rabbit Forest!” ‘ his mother called after him. (The
forest is called Rabbit Forest, but there hasn’t been a rabbit in it for a long time – you’ll soon
find out why.) “I’m not leaving, Mom,” said Little Red Riding Hood. Just as She had entered
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the forest, she had taken a few steps when she heard a voice through the bushes. A wolf
suddenly jumped into the road. Little Red Riding Hood almost dropped the basket in her hand
out of fear. But the wolf didn’t seem that hostile at all. “Where’s that little girl?” asked the
wolf. “I’m going to my grandma,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “The first house at the end of
the Rabbit Forest. My grandmother’s health is not very good. By the way, my name is not
‘little girl’, but ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.” “I’m sorry,” said the wolf. “I did not know. Look

what I’ll tell you. I’ll go for a run and let Grandma know you’re on the way. Just don’t tell me
to linger on the road or something, okay? We wouldn’t want anything to happen to him, would
we?” The wolf escaped from there immediately! Because a woodcutter was walking nearby.
He knew that if he ate the girl right there, the woodcutter would come to her aid.



Ms. Lâle,” with a heartfelt affectation in her voice, “After your words like this, I fell in
love with you. After your words like this, I started to have insomnia…” Some mornings, when
she was leaving the house, she would happily list these words to my mother. When he’s gone,
my mother turns to me, “What would I do now if you weren’t there?” she said. I was the only


child in the house. After me, my mother had several miscarriages. Doctors said everything is
normal, but in the third and fourth months of pregnancy, the baby died in my mother’s womb.
My mother used to tell me that it was very difficult. “The fairy is confused with you, if your
first child is a girl, it means she is strangling boys; Those who describe the amulet saying, “If
you get pregnant with a girl, she will live”, those who tried to have my medicine supplies
written, relatives who told my father to remarry… I couldn’t help but cry when I moved from

pipe stress

Ağlasun to Isparta. My father was a little taken aback. My mother was resting my head on her
shoulder, stroking my hair, as if dressing a bleeding wound. My father reminded my mother,
“Let’s not touch, let her cry” with a smile. While my mother was crying silently on the nights
of travel, my father would lean into my ear and say, “Your mother is an angel of melancholy.”
He showed me to my mother, saying “the second angel of melancholy is coming”.My mother
wouldn’t be upset about such things. He didn’t really care about people. He didn’t care what

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anyone said. He was so in himself, so on his own. How I broke up with him, I’m still amazed
at the patience I showed. Human beings involuntarily endure while they live, and then they
cannot believe that they endure… My mother started to spend most of her time with Aunt
Mevhibe when we were about to leave Isparta. They had a very strong bond of love, a unity of
heart. Now I remember those days, when they looked at each other with eyes trembling with

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separation. A hidden desperation in my mother’s eyes; Aunt Mevhibe joins that desperation by
singing a maniac my mother loved: “Wound place, Wound spot. The caravan has migrated, It
has traveled, I beg for the wound, Neither you have run out of wood, nor I have the wound
place…” My dear friend Canan and I in Isparta could not get enough of listening to the stories
of Gülcü Girls from Aunt Mevhibe. Aunt Mevhibe’s sweet, lovely voice, as if she were

carrying hundreds of sparrows, is still in my ears: “Roses are gathered either before sunrise or
in the cool of the evening, but the weather is always a lilac-colored, sweet evening in the red
rose vineyard. Only rose girls gather the roses; Only their delicate fingers understand the
nature of the coy rose. As she deepens her love for roses, smiling girls leave the sweat of the
conversation in the hands of smiling girls. They call it rose mud. However, in reality, it is not
mud, it is a sign of love. Laughing girls wrap the mud of roses in cloths like membranes and
hide them in their sheep. As their skin smells like roses, they become happy as if they are
mixed in with the mystery of the rose…” Canan would take notes on everything Aunt
Mevhibe told. We were so similar to each other; like the lines of a poem… Fate did not break
the weave of this togetherness for a long time; Canan and I won Istanbul Literature and left

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Isparta. After the news of yin sent my parents to Kütahya, we went to Istanbul with Canan. It
was the days of such unbearable pain that I don’t know how my heart endured those days.
Mom can’t stand any goodbyes. And yet, when he went to Kütahya, what a text he looked
like. He lied. It was a cloud that

concealed the pain that would strike her heart like lightning
as soon as she left me. In the arms of farewell I was a little girl afraid of getting lost. That’s
how I felt, my mom sensed it, and we cried as if we were finally lost in each other’s arms. I
told him, “I’m leaving you so I can learn a little about what death is.” He had his hand over
my mouth, trying to smile while crying. No face could be as beautiful as my mother’s smiling
face, and no heart could be more worthy of falling in love than her light heart. Finally he left,
dying and killing me. Canan has been looking for rose oil for me all day. While I was sinking
in like a sad cantor after that farewell, he sought some consolation, perhaps my favorite color,


Vivo S10

The predecessor of the Vivo S10, which was introduced in July, the Vivo S12 series will be introduced on Wednesday. A new statement came from the company about the high-end S12 Pro model, which is expected to have a dual front camera setup consisting of a 50 Megapixel primary camera + 8 Megapixel ultra wide angle sensor. The company shared a video on China’s social media platform Weibo and announced that it has placed a face-facing dual flash on the front of the S12 Pro.

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Vivo S12 Pro’s dual LED flash is integrated into the front bezel
In his post from Vivo’s official account, he stated that he put a dual LED flash on the front of the S12 Pro model, and also shared the information that the front cameras are “equipped with four soft lights”. This description means that each of the flashes will be duotone.

As you can see from the video, the dual LED flash is positioned very unobtrusively on the front of the phone. While Vivo puts the front cameras in the notch of the S12 Pro model; He placed the flashes in the upper right and left corners of the front bezel. Thus, the aspect ratio was not adversely affected.

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In addition, the company invited users to the promotional event, saying that there will be more surprises like this. The Vivo S12 series will be introduced in China on Wednesday, December 22. As always, it is expected to go on sale only in the Chinese market at first, and to reach the global market in the coming days.

Expected features of the S12 Pro
According to leaks, the Vivo S12 Pro will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor. Produced with a 6nm fabrication process, the processor contains 1x Cortex-A78, 3 x Cortex-A78 and 4 x ARM Cortex-A55 cores. In addition, it meets the need for GPU with the Mali-G77 MC9 graphics chip.

The device will be powered by a battery with 44W fast charging support, which is charged via USB-C. On the other hand, the price tag is expected to be around $471. It is also among the strong possibilities that there will be a 108 Megapixel main camera + 8 Megapixel ultra wide angle camera + 2 Megapixel macro sensor on the back.

The predecessor of the Vivo S10, which was introduced in July, the Vivo S12 series will be introduced on Wednesday. A new statement came from the company about the high-end S12 Pro model, which is expected to have a dual front camera setup consisting of a 50 Megapixel primary camera + 8 Megapixel ultra wide angle sensor. The company shared a video on China’s social media platform Weibo and announced that it has placed a face-facing dual flash on the front of the S12 Pro.

Vivo S12 Pro’s dual LED flash is integrated into the front bezel
In his post from Vivo’s official account, he stated that he put a dual LED flash on the front of the S12 Pro model, and also shared the information that the front cameras are “equipped with four soft lights”. This description means that each of the flashes will be duotone.

As you can see from the video, the dual LED flash is positioned very unobtrusively on the front of the phone. While Vivo puts the front cameras in the notch of the S12 Pro model; He placed the flashes in the upper right and left corners of the front bezel. Thus, the aspect ratio was not adversely affected.

In addition, the company invited users to the promotional event, saying that there will be more surprises like this. The Vivo S12 series will be introduced in China on Wednesday, December 22. As always, it is expected to go on sale only in the Chinese market at first, and to reach the global market in the coming days.

Expected features of the S12 Pro
According to leaks, the Vivo S12 Pro will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor. Produced with a 6nm fabrication process, the processor contains 1x Cortex-A78, 3 x Cortex-A78 and 4 x ARM Cortex-A55 cores. In addition, it meets the need for GPU with the Mali-G77 MC9 graphics chip.

The device will be powered by a battery with 44W fast charging support, which is charged via USB-C. On the other hand, the price tag is expected to be around $471. It is also among the strong possibilities that there will be a 108 Megapixel main camera + 8 Megapixel ultra wide angle camera + 2 Megapixel macro sensor on the back.



Apple’s tvOS updates are usually minor. For example, almost every iOS update fixes a problem on the iPhone or adds new features; This is not always the case with the tvOS operating system. Apple usually makes bug fixes, performance improvements and minor changes that are not perceptible in the versions it releases for tvOS.

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The tvOS 15 update, released on September 20, brought the ability to log in to Apple TVs with an iPhone or iPad. tvOS 15.1, released last week, introduced SharePlay support. SharePlay allows users to watch TV series and movies together via FaceTime. Digital platforms such as Twitch, ESPN+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu support SharePlay. Apple aims to increase the number of applications that users can benefit from. For this purpose, the company offers SharePlay API to developers, making it possible for anyone who wants to benefit from this feature.
Continuing its success in game consoles with the Xbox Game Pass subscription service,

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Microsoft continues to add new productions to its list every month. According to the company’s statement, 9 new games will be available to users between 2 and 11 November.
Moreover, the company brings with it a campaign for users who have not yet experienced Game Pass on Windows computers. With discounts starting on November 2, Microsoft will offer a 3-month subscription for $1. Of course, this will only be valid for people who have not registered in the system before and only on PC.


It is worth noting that not all games will be added to Game Pass in one day. According to the announced list, the productions will be shared with users in parts in the next 2 weeks. You can see which games will be added and when in the list below. While Microsoft adds new games to the list, it also removes old ones. However, it surprises its users who can’t get enough of playing these games with a 20 percent discount. To benefit from this campaign, it will be enough to log in with your Game Pass account. Operating under Meta, the new company of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp launched Payments support in India in November 2020. Thanks to this feature, which is translated into Turkish as ‘Payments’, users can send and receive money to each other through the mobile application of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Payments, which was intended to rival digital payment services such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, in India, did not see the expected popularity. Meta (formerly Facebook), which is determined to direct users who will exchange money with each other to WhatsApp, started to look for the solution in the Cashback feature.


Xiaomi, one of the leading companies in the mobile industry, continues to bring new products to its Redmi. The manufacturer, which offers affordable models to the market under the name of Redmi, generally adapts the devices that appeal to the upper segment to the “K” series. The K50 series, which will be introduced, may bring a feature to us again.
Introducing the K20 series in 2019 and placing Super AMOLED panels on the devices, Redmi also offered the under-screen fingerprint sensor to users.


The technology first achieved by Vivo was included in Redmi’s K20 series and was removed from later K series phones. However, the emerging information shows that this will change. The IPS–AMOLED/OLED debate that has been going on for years is often the winner of the AMOLED. This panel type, which surpasses IPS in terms of color and efficiency, has been gaining an edge over its competitors in different fields in recent years. Thanks to the thinness of the panel and its technology, AMOLEDs, which enable the under-screen fingerprint sensor, also make it possible to realize the under-screen camera technology.
Removing this feature from the “K” series, Redmi placed the fingerprint sensor on the side in the K30 and K40 models. The information revealed today shows that the Redmi K50 series, which is expected to come with Snapdragon 898, will have an under-screen fingerprint reader.

astro reflections

The company, which is currently working on a phone with an OLED screen and Snapdragon 778G processor, is expected to offer this technology to users in more areas soon.
The tvOS 15.1.1 update is now available for Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. The US company, which brought SharePlay and HomePod support to smart TVs with the tvOS 15.1 version released last week, continues to update and optimize the operating system without slowing down.
The build number of tvOS 15.1.1, which is available today, is 19J581. In a statement on its website, Apple stated that with the new update, it has fixed some problems that concern developers. However, he did not mention any innovation that would directly concern the end user. The update is available over the wireless connection as always.


New Zealand

Going through an uncertain period without work and at the same time keeping morale high for job interviews was very challenging. I did a lot of things just to keep busy. The most interesting of these was working at the pancake stand at Albert Cuyp Markt. Thankfully, Ali gave a generous hourly wage and free pancakes. The payment was love. Despite my colorful personality and energy, my hopes were at their lowest in August when I got a job offer and they wanted me to start in October.

According to the termination agreement, although I did not go to work, I was appearing to be working until October on paper and receiving my salary. Long story short, I had a month of paid leave and an end to uncertainty. After the bad period, I decided to use this opportunity in New Zealand, one of the countries I was most curious about, as far as I could go. One month was enough for New Zealand, less for Australia. By the way, having a Dutch passport didn’t bother me with visa bureaucracy and it was very effective in this quick decision.

There wasn’t much time to plan this time. For some reason, I always had the impression that New Zealand was to be toured by car. I googled “public transport in New Zealand” and came across a trip option just for me. There are bus companies with routes that cover all of New Zealand. They work with the logic of hop on – hop off. They provide a one-night accommodation guarantee on the first night at the destination, discounts on paid events, and ease of logistics. The first company I came across was Kiwi Experience. (From people I met in New Zealand, I learned that Stray also exists.

Stray is a bit more expensive and the age group is generally higher. I don’t quite agree with this, because the people in the group may be random people and people you might (may not) like in either company. It’s all a matter of luck! Dear Reader, if you are going, I wrote these two companies in your mind.) My search came to an end after I liked the routes, prices and maps of Kiwi Experience.

I bought The Whole Kit Caboodle pass from Kiwi Experience as it is on sale and is the most comprehensive route. I visited the places pictured on the right outside of Milford Sound (due to weather opposition), the Deep South (as the departure schedule intersects with arrival in Queenstown) and Kaikoura. Since September is not a busy season in terms of tourism, the buses were half full and there were many places to stay. Therefore, I have benefited greatly from the flexibility of the pass. After getting the pass, I downloaded Kiwi Experience’s app.

The application is very useful. Departure/arrival details of each point on the route, paid and free activity list, fee and details of the agreed place are available in the application. I made my own program from the interactive map and sent an e-mail to the company. They also reserved my place on the dates and places I specified for me. Only transportation included in the pass. Every day, the driver guide talks about the program of the day and shows the forms for accommodation and paid activities. I liked that it was like this, because I attended events according to my energy that day, or if I didn’t like the option to stay, I arranged for another place.

In this article, I will not describe each place on the map one by one, I will only talk about the must-see places. You can imagine the North Island as one big Hobbitland. There is a landscape with tiny green hills and sheep on them. In the far north, the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, where the British made a deceptive deal with the Maoris of New Zealand, is a must-visit place to understand New Zealand and its history. In this museum, I learned that Lady Diana was the first woman to board one of the long war boats made by the Maoris from kauri wood.

According to the Maori people, warfare was man’s work. One of the beauties of New Zealand is that it is adorned with the beliefs and legends of the Maori people. They believed that the souls of the dead departed from Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of the island. New Zealand’s famous Dutch explorer Abel Tasman named another cape very close to this spot after his wife: Cape Maria van Diemen. Think about it, Dear Reader, how many days did it take for the man to discover the island in the 1600s, and how long it took to give his wife’s name and come to the Netherlands to report this gift.

It must be patience. Another point of interest in the North Island was the caves in Waitomo, which were filled with glowworms. It was the first time I saw these firefly smoldering maggots that covered the cave ceiling like stars, and I was very impressed. The fact that these maggots on the dark cave ceiling and the stars we see at night give the same effect seemed like another example of the theory of relativity. North Island’s bonus was Hot Water Beach to its east. In the evening, after the water had receded, we went to the beach, made a small pool to sit in, and waited for it to be filled with hot water coming out of the ground. It was like a dream to watch the moonlight with our swimsuits in the hot water on the beach in that cold weather.



The competition does not end when you enter the business life. I have many friends who can’t go on leave because they can’t get things done. Many employers in Turkey see annual leave as a luxury rather than a necessity, and if they cannot use the leave, they transfer it to the next year, after all. Not being able to deserve annual leave in the first year of employment, only 14 days of annual leave for the first 5 years, and Saturday being counted as annual leave are among the most striking examples reflecting the perspective of our laws on taking time for oneself.

Another issue is unpaid annual leave (sabbatical). The fact that the competition is high brings to mind the fear of being replaced by someone else if the person wants to take unpaid leave. Apart from these, there are very few employers in Turkey who follow a leave policy. Frankly, if I hadn’t moved to the Netherlands, I wouldn’t be able to travel this much and I wouldn’t be able to take such long vacations. I have 25-30 working days off every year since I first started working and I have to use the majority of my leaves in that year so that my leaves do not burn. In addition, leave is approached as a necessity, not a luxury.

Another reason is that our currency is weak. Europeans living with their families at university or after can travel comfortably with the euros or pounds they have saved. Although Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries I’ve been to, that cheapness is actually not for the euro, not the Turkish lira. For example, although eating hot food for 3 US dollars is cheap for a European, it is not very different for us Turks. A Turkish has to spend much more effort than a European in order to reach the same amount of holiday budget.
Turks are a society that does not give up their comfort too much.

Maybe the geography we live in is effective in this. For example, since the number of sunny days in the summer is very high, we prefer to go out at sunset if we do not have an urgent business. If the weather is rainy that day in winter, we postpone going out until the next day because it will definitely open the next day. What I admire most is that they don’t give up on cycling in the Netherlands no matter what the weather is. A British friend of mine worked with, “The only people I know who plan according to the weather are the Turks.” he found out.

We immediately use this understanding of comfort to furnish the interior of our homes and to commute by car even for the shortest distances. Holiday plans are shaped accordingly. For example, since Iceland is a very expensive country, I prepared my own dinners in the hostel kitchen during my stay. My aim was to see that place and I was never offended by it. With exceptions, I can’t imagine that Turks are traveling on a low budget by camping with their backpacks somewhere outside of Europe.

I was asked “How do you find the money and time to travel so much?”, “How do you travel alone?”, “Don’t you get bored alone?”, “Are hostels reliable?” etc. I see that we are very prejudiced about traveling from questions. Yes, traveling can be very costly if luxuries and comfort are indispensable. I have more annual leave compared to Turkey and I can combine my business trips with my holidays. This way, I can create time for my dreams. In fact, it is easier to make new friendships when traveling alone. Hostels are comfortable places to stay as long as they are cautious (lockers etc.). It is necessary to research the criteria such as cleanliness and location well.

If I were the minister responsible for youth, one of my first actions would be to give an interest-free backpacking loan to university students. Let the young people see the world, experience what it is like to go out of the comfort limit, discover new places and make new friends. Anyway, neither the time nor the budget will allow them to do this for the rest of their lives. Especially in the conditions of our country… I knew that the summer of 2014 was the hardest summer of my life because of the paragliding accident I had, and on top of that, my boyfriend at the time left me alone in the country ‘because we weren’t married’ during the recovery process with a very ‘honorable’ act.

Until the summer of 2019. The summer of 2019 pushed me pretty hard, apart from the heartache. What happened, dear reader? Right after I learned I had a moderate risk of cancer, I learned that I was laid off along with half the office. I couldn’t say get well this time. First, I went to Istanbul in June and had a small operation, and upon my return, I immediately started getting the necessary vaccinations. Since I took the necessary precautions regarding my health, there was not much left to do until the control in November.

We started negotiations with the company with my dear lawyer, whom I hired for the first time in my life. Due to the slowness of recruitment and the scarcity of job postings in the summer, the difficult process has also begun. The hardest part, of course, was the uncertainty. I have not canceled any of my previously planned trips. I saw my travels in Puglia and Russia as opportunities to breathe, even though my brain was preoccupied with uncertainty in the background.



I recently received a very interesting comment about my traveling a lot. From someone who doesn’t know me very well. When the names of a few countries I visited were mentioned, he was surprised during the conversation and attributed that I was unhappy when I traveled a lot. I would also like to share my views on this subject with you, Dear Reader!

It’s not a question of whether you read a lot or travel a lot. Researching before starting the trip is an indispensable step. First of all, traveling/traveling is an activity that opens the horizon and gives people the opportunity to experience different lives wherever they are in the world.

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Now is the age of technology, from where we sit, it is possible to access information about many parts of our country or the world. But going and experiencing it on the spot is very different. Because, no matter how objective it is, seeing it through your own eyes, not someone else’s, is something else entirely.

I felt this especially when I went to China. Since I don’t speak Chinese, the sources I read and watch about China are always translations. While wandering the streets of Shanghai, I realized that I know China very differently. As I talked to the people there and toured the market, I was happy that I formed my own view of China. It is a nice feeling to be able to talk about my own experience first hand when appropriate. Especially in winter, I get very tired of the cold and the dark in Amsterdam. I am a Mediterranean person, I grew up accustomed to waking up with the sun and seeing the winter sun often, even if it is cold.

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After I’m 30, it’s hard for me to get used to the winter here easily. I’m not depressed or anything, but because I’m tired of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, a nice travel break is good, I recharge. I don’t necessarily have to go very far. A ski vacation or a weekend in Istanbul is a change and it feels good. There is also a lot of research and determination that the climate in the north causes much stronger mood disorders on humans. Traveling is recommended for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is one of them. You can access the sample article here. We have Evliya Çelebi, Barış Manço. “What if Evliya Çelebi traveled the world, out of absolute unhappiness!” I didn’t hear you say.

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On the contrary, many of us admire him. I spent my childhood watching the travels of Barış Manço. Every week I looked forward to where he would go. Just because of the equator line experiment I watched on the show “7 to 77 with Barış Manço”, I wanted to go to the somewhat made-up Intinan Museum in Mitad Del Mundo, Ecuador, to watch those experiments and capture the same spirit. I had so much fun. Why not travel while I can? I live in a country where leave days cannot be carried over to the next year and have at least 25 days off.

There is an item called Holiday Allowance, which is given to the employee according to Dutch law. I am single, I like to travel and discover new places. Should I stay home and set my pickle? I would like to travel with my wife and children. If destiny is good, it will happen one day. If not, thank you. I will not take my one stone myself, but I have the freedom and power to realize my own dreams, thank goodness. Is there a better blessing than this? By the way, one of my grandfathers still travels by train at this age, and my other grandfather still uses bicycles in Adana, where there is no bicycle path like the Netherlands.

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It means I have some in my genes. Although the translation of the word backpacker is “backpacker”, this word means more than its translation in the world of travelers. Although backpacks are not essential, they are mostly people who travel to foreign countries at low costs. The majority are European young people who have graduated from high school or university (perhaps quit their job after a short work experience). Then there are middle-aged people who realize the importance of dreams in their lives and quit their job before it’s too late or go on sabbatical leave. The financial situation of this second group is slightly better than the first group and they have more budgets for some things when necessary.

From time to time, we used to talk with my friends in the Netherlands and Turkey why there are not many backpackers from Turks. The tourists I met during the 1 month I spent in Cambodia and Thailand last December said, “I haven’t met many Turkish travelers.” I wanted to gather my thoughts on this subject here, based on their reactions.

In our country, the young population is high and there are not enough job opportunities for all of them. Therefore, in order to stand out from this crowd, have a good job and build a good future, it is necessary to work like a racehorse from primary school (maybe now from kindergarten), to enter a good university, to finish school with a good degree and full of social activities, and to start working immediately. . If I were told that I could go back to those years if I had a chance, I personally wouldn’t want to go back to my middle and high school years, the nonsense of going to the classroom on the weekend just because of this racehorse pace.



After Sakura, the thing I wanted to see the most in Japan was Mount Fuji. The lakeside city of Kawaguchiko is ideal for this. Only the JR Pass is valid until Otsuki, after which it is necessary to buy a ticket from another train company.

After Kilimanjaro (see. The longest road of my life, the shortest way of my life), I wanted to climb Fuji as well, but because we are not in the climbing season and due to the avalanche danger, this dream was left to an unknown time in the future. We also spent the first day we set aside for climbing by cycling around Lake Kawaguchi, and the second day by climbing Mitsutoge Mountain against Fuji. We entered the Lost in Translation mode as we tried to steer clear of the Japanese signs.

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I can’t count how many times we’ve said “konichiwaaaaaaa” along the way. The Japanese wore bells on their walking sticks. When I first heard about it, I thought there were goats around. We finished our walks in the wonderful nature of Japan with climbing Mitsutoge Mountain. At the stops, Tokyo announcements are pronounced for a long time: Tokyoooooo! Tokyo, I think, was the only place that I was not curious about, but that I said must be seen when I came to Japan.

We started our tour of Tokyo with Yanaka, which is a recommended route in Lonely Planet. Our walk, which started with Kototoidori street, where traditional merchants’ houses are located, ended in Yanaka. Yanaka is actually Tokyo’s “old town”, one of the rare neighborhoods where buildings built before the Second World War remain intact. There is also a Turkish restaurant at the entrance. Roppongi Neighborhood was much more modern than Yanaka. We visited the temporary Andy Warhol exhibition at Mori Art Museum.

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This museum is a nice place to watch the panoramic view of Tokyo. Kaminarimon and Sensoji in Asakusa, Tokyo Midtown, Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Shrine inside, Takeshita Street in Harajuki, the neighborhood of Tokyo rebel youth, Shibuya Crossing, Ginza and Tokyo National Museum (very good place to buy souvenirs) Places we visited in Tokyo was among It is possible to see Tokyo Skytree tower with golden horn view at the Asakusa subway exit.

If you’re a Miyazaki fan, it’s a good idea to buy your ticket for the Ghibli Museum in advance with a method like JR Pass. It was too late when we wanted to buy it while we were there, the tickets were already sold out. For my impressions of Japanese cuisine, here you go:

It is possible to eat delicious skewers and roasted vegetables in these restaurants, which coincide with the Izakaya – Grill. The moment they brought avocado and pepper on the embers, I was finished. Prices are slightly above normal.
Gyudon – Meat on rice but imagine it sold at Bambi chains. The “fast food” version of one of the traditional dishes seemed to me both very tasty and very affordable. Prices start from 340 yen. Thinly sliced ​​pickled ginger serves as the pickled ornamental pepper in our shōga us. Red peppers are called shichimi and contain seeds similar to nigella sativa. As a pain lover, this was one of the new ideas I wanted to add to my kitchen.

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The Yoshinoya chain selling this dish was my favourite. From what I learned, it was the company that opened the first gyudon restaurant in 1899. Now I imagined a slogan like “Yoshinoya since 1899”. Hoto – This udon noodle (Japanese noodle) native to Mount Fuji region is served in a large bowl with plenty of vegetables and meat. If you want a hearty, hearty, nutritious meal, this is definitely the hoto you’re looking for. The portions alone are quite large for one person. Everything with green tea – You can find a wide variety of green tea flavored products in Japan. Like Kitkat, Oreo, ice cream with green tea. Honestly, I can’t say that I like the green tea flavor.

Snacks – Cucumber on stick, rice crackers, rice porridge on stick, nikuman (bun), octopus balls takoyaki, which are steamed stuffed dough balls. There are all kinds of vending machines on every corner. The one that made hot udon soup was the most overpowered model I’ve ever seen. I was surprised that cigarettes were also freely sold in these machines. I heard that it is possible to buy Coke at the summit of Mount Fuji. If you go out, have a coin with you.

Each city has its own ornate manhole covers.
In front of almost every temple, there are fountains with bamboo pipes where you can drink water from bamboo bowls. When I returned to Amsterdam, I felt a bit sad, how well I got used to it. In summary, I loved Japan and its people. I was very happy to get to know this self-contained, somewhat shy culture and especially to see sakura. It is the most developed country I have visited in all aspects. If you are interested, make sure to visit this beautiful country around mid-April.


Rail Pass

It was so good that I came across the Japan Rail Pass in a forum. For me they are simply JR themselves! It is possible to divide the Japan trip into pre-JR and post-JR. Unlimited train tickets, including most shinkansens, for one or two weeks duration with the JR Pass. It is only offered to tourists outside of Japan. For this, you need to purchase an exchange form by paying the authorized agency in the city where you live. Then you can convert this form to a ticket at the station in Japan. sekurigi

You can use it on JR lines by just showing your ticket on local trains and by making a free seat reservation before using it on high-speed trains. You can access detailed information on this page. They warned us before we went that there would be no room on the high-speed trains during the holidays, but frankly, we had no problems even though a part of our trip came to the national holiday week, Golden Week. This ticket gave us the opportunity to travel comfortably and abundantly. Definately recommend. malla espaldera

You can check the train times of the places you want to go in English on the Hyperdia page. This page also shows the flights for which the JR Pass is valid. I downloaded the app from the Japanese Appstore to my phone, I saw the benefit 🙂 Our first stop was Nara with our JR Pass. We arrived in Nara after about half an hour’s journey by limited express train from Kyoto. Deer greet you almost as soon as you get off the train in Nara. Although they are accustomed to humans, there are signs everywhere that you should not forget that these deer belong to the wild.

I actually ate totomo horns from one of them in front of the shop where I bought biscuits to feed them. According to Japanese mythology, the god Takemikazuchi comes to the city with deer to protect the old capital city of Nara. From that day on, the Japanese believed that deer were great beings from heaven to protect their city and country. I couldn’t get enough of loving the deer that roam freely in Nara Park, I admit that I may have played with them to take some photos. It was also nice to walk in this park.

Another must-see in Nara is Todaiji Temple, the largest wooden structure in the world. It contains the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue. I was very impressed by the majesty of the Buddha. On the way back, we stopped by Isuien Garden. We made our first shinkansen trip to Hiroshima with JR Pass. I really like these fast trains. I guess that’s why I don’t like trains in Europe as much as they used to. Even the train approaching the platform was “cool”. Comfort inside, distance between seats, speed up to 350-400 km per hour, etc. it was awesome.

We left the suitcases we took with us for leaving Kyoto in the lockers at the station in Hiroshima. These cabinets really save lives. As far as I know, these cabinets are very common in big stations in Japan. It is announced to the travelers.

Our first stop in Hiroshima was Miyajima Island, also known as Itsukushima. The torii in the water Itsukushima Shrine is one of the unique symbols of the island. It is possible to walk to this gate when the waters recede. We climbed to the top of Mount Misen on Miyajima Island, the view was definitely worth seeing. We ended our walk in the wonderful nature of the island at Daishoin Temple. I saw very interesting statues and prayer wheels at Daishoin. I can say that it is different from temples in Kyoto. The Hiroshima part was a bit sad for me.

The Atomic Bomb Dome, which still stands where the atomic bomb was dropped, the Children’s Peace Monument, where the children of the most innocent victims of the war are commemorated, and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, where the unquenchable fire of peace is located, after a child (Sadako Sasaki) who got cancer after the bomb said that he would be saved if he made 1000 dragons out of origami, but could not survive. It was sad, though. I got goosebumps at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. I think it hurts everyone who is human to see details about the lives of innocent people who lost their lives during someone’s show of strength and suffered from it for years. Although it is not very touristic, you should definitely visit this city, which has historical importance.

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After our short visit to Hiroshima, we took high-speed trains to Tokyo via Osaka. It would be incomplete if I describe the scenery along the riverside. The Japanese were celebrating this feast that mother nature gave to people by having a picnic under the cherry trees. When I saw sakura through the eyes of the world, the worlds became mine. Especially after I prepared myself so much that I wouldn’t be able to see it, the happiness I experienced was different. I could spend my whole life looking at those cherry blossoms. The white leaves that flew when the wind came up made me feel like I was in a kind of dream.