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It was so good that I came across the Japan Rail Pass in a forum. For me they are simply JR themselves! It is possible to divide the Japan trip into pre-JR and post-JR. Unlimited train tickets, including most shinkansens, for one or two weeks duration with the JR Pass. It is only offered to tourists outside of Japan. For this, you need to purchase an exchange form by paying the authorized agency in the city where you live. Then you can convert this form to a ticket at the station in Japan. sekurigi

You can use it on JR lines by just showing your ticket on local trains and by making a free seat reservation before using it on high-speed trains. You can access detailed information on this page. They warned us before we went that there would be no room on the high-speed trains during the holidays, but frankly, we had no problems even though a part of our trip came to the national holiday week, Golden Week. This ticket gave us the opportunity to travel comfortably and abundantly. Definately recommend. malla espaldera

You can check the train times of the places you want to go in English on the Hyperdia page. This page also shows the flights for which the JR Pass is valid. I downloaded the app from the Japanese Appstore to my phone, I saw the benefit 🙂 Our first stop was Nara with our JR Pass. We arrived in Nara after about half an hour’s journey by limited express train from Kyoto. Deer greet you almost as soon as you get off the train in Nara. Although they are accustomed to humans, there are signs everywhere that you should not forget that these deer belong to the wild.

I actually ate totomo horns from one of them in front of the shop where I bought biscuits to feed them. According to Japanese mythology, the god Takemikazuchi comes to the city with deer to protect the old capital city of Nara. From that day on, the Japanese believed that deer were great beings from heaven to protect their city and country. I couldn’t get enough of loving the deer that roam freely in Nara Park, I admit that I may have played with them to take some photos. It was also nice to walk in this park.

Another must-see in Nara is Todaiji Temple, the largest wooden structure in the world. It contains the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue. I was very impressed by the majesty of the Buddha. On the way back, we stopped by Isuien Garden. We made our first shinkansen trip to Hiroshima with JR Pass. I really like these fast trains. I guess that’s why I don’t like trains in Europe as much as they used to. Even the train approaching the platform was “cool”. Comfort inside, distance between seats, speed up to 350-400 km per hour, etc. it was awesome.

We left the suitcases we took with us for leaving Kyoto in the lockers at the station in Hiroshima. These cabinets really save lives. As far as I know, these cabinets are very common in big stations in Japan. It is announced to the travelers.

Our first stop in Hiroshima was Miyajima Island, also known as Itsukushima. The torii in the water Itsukushima Shrine is one of the unique symbols of the island. It is possible to walk to this gate when the waters recede. We climbed to the top of Mount Misen on Miyajima Island, the view was definitely worth seeing. We ended our walk in the wonderful nature of the island at Daishoin Temple. I saw very interesting statues and prayer wheels at Daishoin. I can say that it is different from temples in Kyoto. The Hiroshima part was a bit sad for me.

The Atomic Bomb Dome, which still stands where the atomic bomb was dropped, the Children’s Peace Monument, where the children of the most innocent victims of the war are commemorated, and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, where the unquenchable fire of peace is located, after a child (Sadako Sasaki) who got cancer after the bomb said that he would be saved if he made 1000 dragons out of origami, but could not survive. It was sad, though. I got goosebumps at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. I think it hurts everyone who is human to see details about the lives of innocent people who lost their lives during someone’s show of strength and suffered from it for years. Although it is not very touristic, you should definitely visit this city, which has historical importance.

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After our short visit to Hiroshima, we took high-speed trains to Tokyo via Osaka. It would be incomplete if I describe the scenery along the riverside. The Japanese were celebrating this feast that mother nature gave to people by having a picnic under the cherry trees. When I saw sakura through the eyes of the world, the worlds became mine. Especially after I prepared myself so much that I wouldn’t be able to see it, the happiness I experienced was different. I could spend my whole life looking at those cherry blossoms. The white leaves that flew when the wind came up made me feel like I was in a kind of dream.