After Sakura, the thing I wanted to see the most in Japan was Mount Fuji. The lakeside city of Kawaguchiko is ideal for this. Only the JR Pass is valid until Otsuki, after which it is necessary to buy a ticket from another train company.

After Kilimanjaro (see. The longest road of my life, the shortest way of my life), I wanted to climb Fuji as well, but because we are not in the climbing season and due to the avalanche danger, this dream was left to an unknown time in the future. We also spent the first day we set aside for climbing by cycling around Lake Kawaguchi, and the second day by climbing Mitsutoge Mountain against Fuji. We entered the Lost in Translation mode as we tried to steer clear of the Japanese signs.

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I can’t count how many times we’ve said “konichiwaaaaaaa” along the way. The Japanese wore bells on their walking sticks. When I first heard about it, I thought there were goats around. We finished our walks in the wonderful nature of Japan with climbing Mitsutoge Mountain. At the stops, Tokyo announcements are pronounced for a long time: Tokyoooooo! Tokyo, I think, was the only place that I was not curious about, but that I said must be seen when I came to Japan.

We started our tour of Tokyo with Yanaka, which is a recommended route in Lonely Planet. Our walk, which started with Kototoidori street, where traditional merchants’ houses are located, ended in Yanaka. Yanaka is actually Tokyo’s “old town”, one of the rare neighborhoods where buildings built before the Second World War remain intact. There is also a Turkish restaurant at the entrance. Roppongi Neighborhood was much more modern than Yanaka. We visited the temporary Andy Warhol exhibition at Mori Art Museum.

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This museum is a nice place to watch the panoramic view of Tokyo. Kaminarimon and Sensoji in Asakusa, Tokyo Midtown, Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Shrine inside, Takeshita Street in Harajuki, the neighborhood of Tokyo rebel youth, Shibuya Crossing, Ginza and Tokyo National Museum (very good place to buy souvenirs) Places we visited in Tokyo was among It is possible to see Tokyo Skytree tower with golden horn view at the Asakusa subway exit.

If you’re a Miyazaki fan, it’s a good idea to buy your ticket for the Ghibli Museum in advance with a method like JR Pass. It was too late when we wanted to buy it while we were there, the tickets were already sold out. For my impressions of Japanese cuisine, here you go:

It is possible to eat delicious skewers and roasted vegetables in these restaurants, which coincide with the Izakaya – Grill. The moment they brought avocado and pepper on the embers, I was finished. Prices are slightly above normal.
Gyudon – Meat on rice but imagine it sold at Bambi chains. The “fast food” version of one of the traditional dishes seemed to me both very tasty and very affordable. Prices start from 340 yen. Thinly sliced ​​pickled ginger serves as the pickled ornamental pepper in our shōga us. Red peppers are called shichimi and contain seeds similar to nigella sativa. As a pain lover, this was one of the new ideas I wanted to add to my kitchen.

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The Yoshinoya chain selling this dish was my favourite. From what I learned, it was the company that opened the first gyudon restaurant in 1899. Now I imagined a slogan like “Yoshinoya since 1899”. Hoto – This udon noodle (Japanese noodle) native to Mount Fuji region is served in a large bowl with plenty of vegetables and meat. If you want a hearty, hearty, nutritious meal, this is definitely the hoto you’re looking for. The portions alone are quite large for one person. Everything with green tea – You can find a wide variety of green tea flavored products in Japan. Like Kitkat, Oreo, ice cream with green tea. Honestly, I can’t say that I like the green tea flavor.

Snacks – Cucumber on stick, rice crackers, rice porridge on stick, nikuman (bun), octopus balls takoyaki, which are steamed stuffed dough balls. There are all kinds of vending machines on every corner. The one that made hot udon soup was the most overpowered model I’ve ever seen. I was surprised that cigarettes were also freely sold in these machines. I heard that it is possible to buy Coke at the summit of Mount Fuji. If you go out, have a coin with you.

Each city has its own ornate manhole covers.
In front of almost every temple, there are fountains with bamboo pipes where you can drink water from bamboo bowls. When I returned to Amsterdam, I felt a bit sad, how well I got used to it. In summary, I loved Japan and its people. I was very happy to get to know this self-contained, somewhat shy culture and especially to see sakura. It is the most developed country I have visited in all aspects. If you are interested, make sure to visit this beautiful country around mid-April.