The next day, the 7-page homework he presented to his teacher was the voice of his
heart.. Two days later he took the assignment back. There was a big “0” written in red pen
on the paper and the warning “See me after class”. “Why did I get “0”?” the boy asked
curiously to his teacher.. “This is an unrealistic dream for a child your age,” said his teacher..
“You have no money. You come from a traveling family. You have no resources. Setting up a
horse farm requires a lot of money. First you have to buy the land. You also need to buy
breeding animals. This is impossible for you to achieve,” he added, “and if you rewrite your
homework after setting realistic goals, then I will review your grade.” The boy returned
home and thought long and hard. He consulted his father. “Son,” said his father, “you have to make up your own mind on this matter. This is a very important choice for your life!”
After thinking about it for a week, the boy took his homework back to his teacher without

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making any changes. He said, “Don’t change the grade you gave.” He said, “I’m dreaming
too..” That middle 2 student lives in his 1000 square meter house on a 200-decare land
today. The paper he wrote years ago hangs framed above the fireplace. The heart of the
story is this: The same teacher brought 30 of his students to camp on this farm last summer.
“Look,” he said to his former student as he left the farm, “I can tell you now. When I was

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your teacher, I was a dream stealer. During those years, I stole many dreams from my
students. Thank God you were too stubborn to give up on your dream Once upon a time,
there was an island on which all emotions lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge and all the

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others, including Love.One day, the island that is sinking, given notice to the emotions.
Thereupon, they all prepared their boats to leave the island. Love was the last emotion on
the island. i make $70,000 a year how much house can i afford Because he wanted to wait until the last possible moment. When the island
nearly sank, Love decided to seek help. Wealth was passing in a very large boat. Love,
“Wealth, will you take me with you?” he asked. Wealth said, “No, I can’t. There’s too much

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gold and silver on my boat, there’s no room for you.” said. Aşk asked for help from Kibir in a
very beautiful sailboat. “Arrogance, please help me!” “I can’t help you, Love. You’re soaked

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and you could ruin my sailboat.” ‘ replied Kibir. Sadness was nearby and Love asked for help:
“Sadness, let me go with you…” “Oh, Love, I am so sad that I need some time alone.”
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but he was so happy that he did not hear Love’s call. Love
suddenly heard a voice: “Come Love! I will take you with me…” This was someone older than
Love. Love felt so lucky and happy that she did not think to find out who took her with

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her.When they reached a new land, the one who helped Love continued on her way.
Realizing how much she owed him, Ask asked Bilgi: “Who was it that helped me?” “It was

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Time,” Knowledge replied. “Is it time? Why did he help me?” asked Love. Knowledge smiled:
“Because only Time can understand how great

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Love is While I was walking quickly to reach
my house in the freezing cold, I saw a wallet at my feet. I bought it right away. I hurriedly

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opened it in case there was an ID showing its owner. Inside was three dollars and nothing
but an old envelope with yellowed and frayed folds…In the upper left corner there was only
the sender’s address, a mailbox number instead of the recipient address. In order to find a

clue, maybe to satisfy my curiosity, I opened the envelope and began to read the letter
inside. The letter was written in meticulous handwriting on a piece of paper decorated with

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a flower on its left side, and it begins with “Dear Michael”. And it continues by saying “You
will never see him again because his mother forbade him”. It ends with “But don’t forget, I

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will always love you” .. Signature..