I recently received a very interesting comment about my traveling a lot. From someone who doesn’t know me very well. When the names of a few countries I visited were mentioned, he was surprised during the conversation and attributed that I was unhappy when I traveled a lot. I would also like to share my views on this subject with you, Dear Reader!

It’s not a question of whether you read a lot or travel a lot. Researching before starting the trip is an indispensable step. First of all, traveling/traveling is an activity that opens the horizon and gives people the opportunity to experience different lives wherever they are in the world. Now is the age of technology, from where we sit, it is possible to access information about many parts of our country or the world. But going and experiencing it on the spot is very different. Because, no matter how objective it is, seeing it through your own eyes, not someone else’s, is something else entirely.

I felt this especially when I went to China. Since I don’t speak Chinese, the sources I read and watch about China are always translations. While wandering the streets of Shanghai, I realized that I know China very differently. As I talked to the people there and toured the market, I was happy that I formed my own view of China. It is a nice feeling to be able to talk about my own experience first hand when appropriate. Especially in winter, I get very tired of the cold and the dark in Amsterdam. I am a Mediterranean person, I grew up accustomed to waking up with the sun and seeing the winter sun often, even if it is cold.

After I’m 30, it’s hard for me to get used to the winter here easily. I’m not depressed or anything, but because I’m tired of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, a nice travel break is good, I recharge. I don’t necessarily have to go very far. A ski vacation or a weekend in Istanbul is a change and it feels good. There is also a lot of research and determination that the climate in the north causes much stronger mood disorders on humans. Traveling is recommended for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is one of them. You can access the sample article here. We have Evliya Çelebi, Barış Manço. “What if Evliya Çelebi traveled the world, out of absolute unhappiness!” I didn’t hear you say.

On the contrary, many of us admire him. I spent my childhood watching the travels of Barış Manço. Every week I looked forward to where he would go. Just because of the equator line experiment I watched on the show “7 to 77 with Barış Manço”, I wanted to go to the somewhat made-up Intinan Museum in Mitad Del Mundo, Ecuador, to watch those experiments and capture the same spirit. I had so much fun. Why not travel while I can? I live in a country where leave days cannot be carried over to the next year and have at least 25 days off.

There is an item called Holiday Allowance, which is given to the employee according to Dutch law. I am single, I like to travel and discover new places. Should I stay home and set my pickle? I would like to travel with my wife and children. If destiny is good, it will happen one day. If not, thank you. I will not take my one stone myself, but I have the freedom and power to realize my own dreams, thank goodness. Is there a better blessing than this? By the way, one of my grandfathers still travels by train at this age, and my other grandfather still uses bicycles in Adana, where there is no bicycle path like the Netherlands.

It means I have some in my genes. Although the translation of the word backpacker is “backpacker”, this word means more than its translation in the world of travelers. Although backpacks are not essential, they are mostly people who travel to foreign countries at low costs. The majority are European young people who have graduated from high school or university (perhaps quit their job after a short work experience). Then there are middle-aged people who realize the importance of dreams in their lives and quit their job before it’s too late or go on sabbatical leave. The financial situation of this second group is slightly better than the first group and they have more budgets for some things when necessary.

From time to time, we used to talk with my friends in the Netherlands and Turkey why there are not many backpackers from Turks. The tourists I met during the 1 month I spent in Cambodia and Thailand last December said, “I haven’t met many Turkish travelers.” I wanted to gather my thoughts on this subject here, based on their reactions.

In our country, the young population is high and there are not enough job opportunities for all of them. Therefore, in order to stand out from this crowd, have a good job and build a good future, it is necessary to work like a racehorse from primary school (maybe now from kindergarten), to enter a good university, to finish school with a good degree and full of social activities, and to start working immediately. . If I were told that I could go back to those years if I had a chance, I personally wouldn’t want to go back to my middle and high school years, the nonsense of going to the classroom on the weekend just because of this racehorse pace.