They walked towards the stream he saw on his way to the village. The player was blowing
his flute in the front, and the rats were following him. When the musician came to the stream,

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he walked into the water. There was so much water in the stream, but the musician crossed to
the opposite shore. When the mice wanted to follow him, the mouse fell into the stream and drowned in the water. The player continued to blow his flute until all the rats died. When the

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musician saw that all the rats had died, he immediately went back to the village to get a bag of
gold, which was the prize. He was walking confidently, rejoicing at his rat-destroying success.
When he finally reached the village: “I’ll take a bag of gold. With this gold, I go to the city

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and set up my business. I will join the rich people and start living comfortably”, he thought.
With these thoughts, the musician, who came to the headman, asked the headman for his

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award. The headman was a game changer. He thought, “We got rid of the rats anyway, I
wouldn’t give a bag of gold.” He did not give the player his gold, for various reasons. When
the musician realized that he had been deceived, he said: “Let me play a game for you and
see.” He started playing his flute.

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All the children who heard the sound of the pipe ran to the player. The player both blows his flute and started walking. All the children of the village
followed the piper. There are no children left in the village. Mothers and fathers began to
brood over. The villagers went to the headman and said: “What will we do, what will we do.

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You should have given a purse of gold to the player’s right. They said, ‘Look, now they took
our children away. Kavalcı was angry, and they came to the forest with the children after him.
While he was resting under a tree in the forest, it occurred to him to go to the headman again
and ask for their gold again. At that time, when he got up in a hurry, he forgot to take his pipe.

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A boy who found the magic pipe started playing it for his friends to come to him. The
children, who heard the sound of the pipe, immediately gathered in the forest. They
immediately thought of returning to the village, to their mother’s father. The boy who found
the pipe knew the way to the village. The boy playing the flute went back to the village
behind the others in the front. Their mothers and fathers were very happy. They held festivities. They feasted for forty days and forty nights. Of course, at the same time, the
villagers scolded the headman. They told the musician to give his due. The musician, who got
his rights, left the village to realize his dreams. They are the saint, let’s go to read other tales.
Once upon a time there was a little girl. His mother bought him a cloak with a red cap on it.
The girl loved this cloak and wore it wherever she went. That’s why everyone called her Little
Red Riding Hood. “Little Red Riding Hood!” cried the girl’s mother. “Your grandmother is
still sick. Come on, get dressed and bring her that cupcake I made.” Little Red Riding Hood
also put on her dress, put on her red hooded cloak, tied the hood tightly under her chin, and
set off. “Don’t stray off the road in the Rabbit Forest!” ‘ his mother called after him. (The
forest is called Rabbit Forest, but there hasn’t been a rabbit in it for a long time – you’ll soon
find out why.) “I’m not leaving, Mom,” said Little Red Riding Hood. Just as She had entered the forest, she had taken a few steps when she heard a voice through the bushes. A wolf
suddenly jumped into the road. Little Red Riding Hood almost dropped the basket in her hand
out of fear. But the wolf didn’t seem that hostile at all. “Where’s that little girl?” asked the
wolf. “I’m going to my grandma,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “The first house at the end of
the Rabbit Forest. My grandmother’s health is not very good. By the way, my name is not
‘little girl’, but ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.” “I’m sorry,” said the wolf. “I did not know. Look what I’ll tell you. I’ll go for a run and let Grandma know you’re on the way. Just don’t tell me
to linger on the road or something, okay? We wouldn’t want anything to happen to him, would
we?” The wolf escaped from there immediately! Because a woodcutter was walking nearby.
He knew that if he ate the girl right there, the woodcutter would come to her aid.